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Built in 1936, The Rogers theater - commissioned by mgm and Designed by Charles C. Benson -  boasts the only 20th Century art-deco design in the Uptown Shelby Historic District. Our mission is to restore, redevelop, and preserve this iconic building.

the rogers theater interior upstairs


the rogers theater interior stage


the rogers theater interior balcony rail


When the building was first purchased, it was discovered that protective historical covenants were placed on the building and attached to the deed - those covenants were the catalyst to the creation of The Rogers Theater Project. The Rogers Theater Project Inc. [a North Carolina nonprofit] is tasked with assisting and overseeing the redevelopment plans to ensure building ownership abides by the historical covenants placed upon the building by the Uptown Shelby Association. The preservation of the building will remain as their sole mission once the restoration is complete, with protecting the architectural and design qualities that give it a historical status.   

 Identifying and preserving the theaters' most historical elements during restoration requires expert contractors experienced with historical projects. Amongst the cosmetic upgrades, larger and more specific restoration projects will include a full roof replacement, grading and leveling in the back portion of the property, the installation of all electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, and a complete stage recreation.

The restoration will facilitate the redevelopment of the property into a social lounge! Think dinner theater - but with more options! There will be live music, the occasional movie, and small theater productions! The restoration will create the following: (2) retail areas up front, balcony seating, a bourbon lounge, main floor seating, and a rooftop lounge.


213 E. Marion Street, Shelby, NC 28150  /  Tel. 512-552-7600

We are so excited to hear from you! We will respond to you within (24) hours! Feel free to also call | text | email us with the information above!

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