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When it became apparent that the historical covenants on the building would mean more requirements for restoration | preservation, the need for a Board of Directors and the subsequent non-profit arose. 

So Brit and Montana set out to establish a board of action that would help steer the process of bringing the building back to life! 

The Rogers Theater Project Board of Directors protects the building and monitors any future restoration and preservation efforts that might take place; being mindful of the fact that the covenants must be adhered to or the building could lose its historical status. 


The Board of Directors has already established pertinent relationships throughout the region to advance the positive cultural and economical impact the theater will have once it is complete, and is paving the way for the theater to become an integral part of the community once again. Each board member has a specific set of skills that adds a valuable element to a large team that will help facilitate the restoration. They have also set about establishing the necessary bylaws, policies, and operating procedures that keep them relevant in the world of non-profit organizations and also competitive for large grants. 

They lead with enthusiasm, and have made commitments to transparency and diversity in the way that they conduct themselves! 


There are ways to make an organization stand out amongst others, and often times that is shown in the creation of the bylaws and the additional policies used to govern their day-to-day. The RTP maintains detailed bylaws that are used as a living document, specific policies for conduct - and to show their commitment, each board member makes a pledge to the organization each fiscal year. Check out their policies, and if you're interested in how they came to be, we can jump on a call!

Article of Incorp.

COI Policy

IRS Exemption

Sexual Harassment Policy


Give | Get Policy

The RTP Board utilizes award-winning software and platforms to govern their operations; each one being selected after testing to insure maximum efficiency in reporting and transparency regarding the use of funds to protect their donors. Each selection made requires that the organization undergoes verification with the IRS and proves that they maintain an active 501(c)3 status, and have filed all appropriate documentation. Software and platforms include the following:

GiveButter [partnered with Stripe] is the ultimate donation platform for verified charitable organizations! It also has engagements tools for donors!

Boardable manages your agendas, minutes, documents, tasks, goals, voting, and more! They are We are AICPA | SOC II, HIPAA, & GDPR compliant!

ICYMI - Quickbooks for Non-Profits includes reporting options that are not available in other versions, and make IRS reporting for Forms 990 | 990 EZ a breeze!


Check back often to see updated annual reports and information! If you need to make a request for financial documents or more information about the organizational structure, please email us at! We would be more than happy to send them over! RTP maintains a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar | Candid, and an in-depth look at the organization can be found on their online website! Click the seal for more info! 

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